Nature, arts and creativity have always been a big part of my life. Ever since I was a child growing up with my younger brother, the outdoor life and our amazing natural world became our playground.

I have always been a collector of many beautiful things, whether feathers, shells, rocks or photographs. I’d observe, draw and paint all sorts of natural items while on camping trips, or outside discovering. I also found that over the years I had a strong connection to my grandmother in Switzerland; often finding myself in the garden doing botanical plant studies, wood engravings of flowers, and being taught the traits of the natural fauna.

Now within my ceramic practice I find myself drawn to the amazing flora of Australia. Its vast differences to other lands, striking colours, unique patterns and qualities. Within one of my earlier collections which I am re visiting in 2016-2017, I also examine Western Australia’s endangered and critically endangered flora. My “Ghost Collection” captures a hidden essence of that which is slowly fading away, drawing on their hidden characteristics and capturing an essence of beauty and fragility.

Other collections draw more of an abstract inspiration, exploring contrasting colours of our desert landscapes, or patterns which emerge in nature, land and seascapes. Each piece has its own journey, its own story to be told...

For more information on each of my collections of work check them out under my Portfolio. I also have images on my facebook page, Instagram and Pintrest.